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ethnic kurti

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This is plain off white kurti with a shrug designed on its body itself with thread embroidery .I found the kurti dull and incomplete .So I tried to give a complete look to this kurti with some hand painted designs done at the bottom of the kurti just on t

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

ethnic kurti

First I thought of a design .I made one fish design on a piece of paper .Then traced it on a tracing paper.After that place the tracing paper on the bottom portion of the kurti .Place a yellow carbon paper in between the tracing paper and kurti.In this way I traced the fish design on the kurti .

step 2

ethnic kurti

After tracing the design then draw the outline with fevicryl soft acrylic black colour .While colouring I am going to frame the cloth with a wooden frame .

step 3

ethnic kurti

In this stage I selected colours that would perfectly match with the border and embroidery of the kurti.Fevicryl hobby ideas has various shades of colours in sofr acrylic .So its very easy to have a perfect colour coordination.I selected colours soft acrylic ultramarine blue ,chrome yellow,orange,deep bril purple .Then I started colouring .

step 4

ethnic kurti

After the colouring is done then I did mirror embroidery look with fevicryl liquid embroidery and kantha stich look with fevicryl liquid embroidery .For that I took colours like liquid embroidery yellow ,liquid embroidery look with black ,liquid embroidery pink and liquid embroidery blue .

step 5

ethnic kurti

This is the final look .

step 6

ethnic kurti

These are the materials I used for designning this kurti.

step 7

ethnic kurti

Thses are the Liquid embroidery colours I used for giving the embroidery look .

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Pencil ,eraser ,paper,tracing paper, yellow carbon paper, wooden frame , Painting brushes,Mirrors,Fevicryl soft acrylic colours black, chrome yellow,deep bril pink,orange,ultramarine blue .Fevicryl liquid embroidery colours blue,yellow ,black .


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