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In this t-shirt the painting of a girl with floral and cut design is being made to depict natures as well as a womens beauty who is in her best dream. The cuts in its sleeves are done to give it a more fashionable look.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1


firstly the materials which are required are as follows- wooden board for support,brushes,hobby ideas acrylic soft colors,a pair of scissors, plain white t-shirt to paint on and hobby ideas 3d highlighters of blue and silver color.

step 2


after drawing the painting of beauty we will carefully paint her hairs with light color followed by the dark one to give good texture. then by using acrylic cream color, paint the skin.

step 3


then paint the dress by using again light blue and light aqua color followed by dark blue using medium sized brush for giving texture.

step 4


after painting the dress in texture its now time to draw floral design with DREAMER written on it in bold.

step 5


the 3d blue highlighter will be used to make floral design. as first we will make boundry of the design then with the help of brush containing some water we will spread that outliners color inwards and will finlly get this desired effect. then with the help of silver outliner highlight the painting

step 6


then make the lines with 1.5 cm gap and of aprrox 2 cm length and start cutting them carefully then strech the sleeves.

step 7


this is how its gonna look, after complition.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

white t shirt,hobby ideas soft acrylic colors,hobby ideas 3D outliner( blue and silver) , a pair of scissor, brushes, pencil and a hard board.


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