Fevicryl Creative Challenge

It's time to Recycle, Reuse and Repeat

Designer RadheKrishna Bag.

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cotton bag with radhekrishna painted with acrylic colours

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

 Designer RadheKrishna  Bag.

Firstly trace the Radhekrishna pic. on d bag.

step 2

 Designer RadheKrishna  Bag.

Colour d blue part of face with d light nd dark cerulean blue, except eyes, lips nd tilak. 3. Colour d turban with deep brillant paper shaded with little blue in it. 4. Same way colour Radhas face withlemon yellow nd orange. 5. GIve d black outline to d pic.nd dmo d eyes, nose., lips.Colour d hair with Burnt Sianna nd black. 6. Saree with light green nd boarder with brillant purple. 7. Do some gold glitter zigzag line on d border. 8. Colour peacock featherwith green, blue, nd orange. Lastly decorated ornaments with d colourful kundan nd chain sticking with fabric glue. Now ur designer Radhekrishna bag is ready to carry.......

You Will NeedYou Will Need

1. Cotton bag, Tracing paper, Blue carbon paper, Radhekrishna picture, Fevicryl Acrylic Colours, 3D outlinerpearl metalic gold-352, Glitter green-403, Glitter blue.For ornaments decoration kundan, beads, chain and Fevicryl fabric glue for sticking.


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