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Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

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curtain holder using quilled flowers and leaves

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

Make flowers using 5 mm and 10 mm quilling strips. Take any color of qulling strips of 5 mm, Make a loose coil and shape it as petals. 23 petals required for one flower. take one 5mm black strip and 10mm strip of any color. cut fringes and make a fringed flower by attaching the 2 strips. Cut a circle from a cardboard and make a slit in the center. Glue the 2 slits and make a cone. Glue the fringed flower in the center of the cone and petals around the fringed flower

step 2

Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

Take 5 mm green color quilling strips and make 5 separate leaf shapes with black strip around each leaf. Arrange the 5 loose shaped leaves to form a big leaf.

step 3

Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

Take a thin metal wire and wrap a pipe cleaner around it.

step 4

Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

Then wrap 10 mm green quilling strip around the pipe cleaner

step 5

Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

Take a cardboard and glue to the metal wire

step 6

Quilled Gerbera Curtain Holder

Attach the flowers and leaves to the cardboard in a desired pattern and your curtain holder is ready

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Thin metal wire Different colors of 5 and 10 mm quilling strips Pipe cleaner Cardboard sheet Glue


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Posted 2 years ago

Brilliant idea !!! Really looks good ...


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