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paper quilling bird cage.

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made birds n cage with paper quilling.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

paper quilling bird cage.

i took a big n broad paper stick as a middle rode, n take card sheet n make a round for roof to make sturdy base i made coil of newspaper stick. then color it with red acrilyc color,

step 2

here i took 5 mm black color strips. to make cagebar sturdy i took 2 black strips n put golden wire between them. i made 12 cagebars.

step 3

to make birds i made loose coils with white paper strips then give them petal shape.

step 4

like this i made body of bird to make face of bird i make tight coil

step 5

after attaching feather n tail my bird looks like this. i took half strip to make peak of bird. n put red dot to make eye i made 4 birds like this.

step 6

after arranging all bars my cage was looking like this.

step 7

to give some floral look to my cage i made some tissue paper flowers. n to enhance beauty i put some red rossets flower.

step 8

i make small butterfly on flower

step 9

on top of roof i made some flower with cream color n made small dots with fevicryl golden outliner.

step 10

at last i attach my all 4 birds in cage to make them swing in cage i pass black strip from their body.

step 11

this is how it is looking finally

You Will NeedYou Will Need

card sheet, 5 mm paper quilling strips mainly black n white, golden florel wire, acrylic color, newspaper sticks,white tissue paper, fevicol.


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