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31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

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Preety 31 Dolls all with different style of dress and hairs made using paper quilling. it can be placed on welcome board or used as a tea light candle decoration. I used it to surprise my husband on his 31st birthday with special notes.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

Basic quilling: Stick strip of paper one after the other to make a long strip. insert the starting point of strip inside the quilling needle and roll it to form a coil like shape. at the end stick it so that coil remains intact. Take 5 mm and 3 mm colorful quilling paper strip. To make a simple doll, take skin color 3 mm 4 strip of paper. Take quilling strip in quilling needle and roll it tight to make a coil. Push slightly from center of coil to make a face like shape as seen in picture above. on the other side using a black thin marker make 2 dots as eyes and lips using thin red or pink marker.

step 2

31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

Body (Dress) : Pretty dolls looks more pretty with bright colors. So to make dresses i used 7 strips of 5 mm paper. Stick all the strips to make one long strip. With the quilling needle roll it to make a big coil. You can use as many strip as you need depending on the size of doll you wish to make. Once you have coil ready, start pushing gently from center to make a cone like shape. You also get ready made quilling molds to shape, However i did it without using any tools. Make sure tip of cone is flat and not pointed.

step 3

31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

Sleeves: Use same color as you used for the dress 5 mm paper quilling 3 strips and again follow step 2 to make a cone shape. Make 2 cone shape

step 4

31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

Palms: Take the skin color (same as used for face) 1 strip 3 mm paper and roll it loosely to make a tear drop shape. Make 2 such drop shaped

step 5

31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

Hands : Stick tear drop at the edge of sleeves as seen in image

step 6

For the hair take a 3 mm black or brown strips and cover the head using one of the hairstyle as seen in the final 31 dolls. either simply stick it side ways to cover the head and den make a 2 coil using 1/4th of strip and stick it side ways to make a look like pony. you can shape the coil like a tear drop as well.

step 7

31 Cute dolls made using paper quilling

Final Step: Stick the head, body and hands using glue. once your doll is ready, place it over a small cardboard sheet so that it remains intact. If you want you can also make a hat for the doll for which you will need 4 strips of 5 mm paper, and den roll it, make a coil and shape it like hat. You can place it with tea light candles as well as seen in image

You Will NeedYou Will Need

3 mm, 5 mm paper quilling strips, Glue, Scissors, Thin marker pens, Small piece of Cardboard.


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