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Xmas tree water rangoli

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It is fun learning for child to learn science that oil and water donot mix

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

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Xmas tree Water rangoli ? This is one of my son's favourite one.I got this idea from my dearest friend Amruta during diwali.My son loved it very much doing diya water rangoli. So,he asked me ,shall we do Xmas tree water rangoli for Christmas.Immediately we got in to action. It is good for sensory development and it has science in this too.One of the fun learning method to teach oil and water donot mix. Things we used: Stainless steel plate Oil Water Rangoli powder Are you ready to do water rangoli..Here we go... I drew the Xmas tree in sheet of paper and I asked my child to cut in the pattern of Xmas tree, then I modified with my cut so that it holds good for tracing while he puts rangoli. I asked my son to apply the oil in the plate and I kept the Xmas tree paper cut in the plate.My son sprinkled  green colour rangoli powder in the pattern. Once done completely,remove the Xmas tree paper cut slowly.Now I asked the child to pour water slowly in the plate. Thats it.beautiful water rangoli is ready. He repeatedly did several times as he was amazed to see the rangoli inside the water.We tried the same rangoli on the plate without applying the oil too.He was excited with the outcomes of both types.It is fun way of learning science.It makes clear to the child that oil and water donot mix with each other.He also tried using rava too. Give a try with your child  and I assure you that kids will enjoy to the core. waterrangoli sensory scienceexperiment

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Rangoli powder Oil Water


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