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Tea-Light Candle-Holders and Happy Santa Ornament

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4 different Tea-Light Candle-Holders, and a Happy Santa ornament

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Tea-Light Candle-Holders and Happy Santa Ornament

TEA-LIGHT CANDLE-HOLDERS ..... (1) Wash and pat dry the glasses, to make them completely dry. (2) Use 3d liner to outline your Christmas design. (3) After liner work dries, fill in with glass colours slowly, by allowing each side to dry. Then rotate the glass to avoid the colours from dripping. Let this dry completely. (4) Decorate the outer of the glass with lace, ball-chains and stones, using fabric glue, and allow to dry. (5) Fill each glass with alternate layers of cotton-wool and beads/balls. (6) Cut a perfect-fitting cardboard and place on top of the filling. Pour fabric glue along the edges of the cardboard to stick well, or to seal the top if using the glass inverted. (7) Recommend using "tea-light" candles, for a better glow. Your festive Tea-Light Candle-Holders are now ready, for a warm and glowing Christmas.

step 2

Tea-Light Candle-Holders and Happy Santa Ornament

HAPPY SANTA ORNAMENT ..... (1) Crack a small hole at the bottom of the egg, and empty it out. (2) Wash gently and rinse the insides. Allow to dry completely. (3) Shape a cone with red velvet cloth. Trim the edges. Stick a small cotton ball at the tip of the cone. With this, Santa's cap is ready. (4) Stick the cap on one end of the egg. (5) Stick cotton-wool to complete the rest of Santa's features like beard and hair. (6) Draw eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth with 3d liners, and allow to dry. Secure a small thread loop at the top of the cap. Your Happy Santa ornament is ready to use as a Christmas Tree ornament, or anywhere else to add to the festive look.

step 3

Tea-Light Candle-Holders and Happy Santa Ornament


step 4

Tea-Light Candle-Holders and Happy Santa Ornament

Materials used for HAPPY SANTA ORNAMENT

You Will NeedYou Will Need

TEA-LIGHT CANDLE-HOLDERS ..... (1) Unused/old glasses (2) Hobby Ideas pearl-metallic 3d liner (3) Hobby Ideas 3d glitter (4) Hobby Ideas glass colours (5) Hobby Ideas fabric glue (6) Cotton-wool (7) Beads/thermo-col balls, lace, stones (8) Scissors, tea-light candles HAPPY SANTA ORNAMENT ..... (1) Empty egg shell (2) Red velvet cloth (3) Hobby Ideas gold glitter, red and black 3d liners (4) Hobby Ideas fabric glue (5) Cotton-wool (6) Scissors


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