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Quilled Angel Hangings

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Quilling Angel or Fairies hangings can be used to decorate christmas tree or can add charm to your other creativity.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Quilled Angel Hangings

I have used 3 mm quilling paper. Face : i have taken 1.5 strip of paper and made a tight coil.Using marker pen , i have made eyes and lips. Upper body: I have used 3 strip of paper and made loose coil Lower body: I have used 1.5 strip of paper for each petal shape. Likewise i have made 5. The bottom dress looks like a flower. Wings: i have been using diffferent color strip of paper but in total i have used 4 strip of paper for each wings. Bordered it with pearl. Hair: a small strip of paper (brown color) used to cover the head. and thereafter, 1/4 strip made a loose coil to make a hairstyle for fairy.finally added a small quilled rose on her hair. Hands: Used 1/4 strip of paper to make hands. I have stuck all the parts together and my quilled angel is ready. (All this details are regarding the angel uploaded above)

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Paper quilling paper, Quilling needle, glue, scissors, pen to make eyes and lips, and some decorative articles like pearl and stones.


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