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Pompom Snowman

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This creation describes making of easiest pompom snowman. The pompom is made from wool yarn using pompom making tool. The pompom can be made by hand as well.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Pompom Snowman

We will first make a cap for snowman. We will require a kitchen roll, scissor, white and purple (or brown) color wool yarn

step 2

Pompom Snowman

Cut the kitchen roll of about 1 inch in length.

step 3

Pompom Snowman

Cut the wool yarn of about 6 inch long. Take about 50 pieces of white yarn and 10 pieces of brown yarn.

step 4

Pompom Snowman

Take a white yarn and fold into half. Tie it to the kitchen roll with a soft knot. Tie a brown (or purple) yarn after every 5 white yarns.

step 5

Pompom Snowman

Finally we have the kitchen roll looking as shown.

step 6

Pompom Snowman

Take the loose ends of the yarns through the kitchen roll to the other side and tie them with another piece of yarn.

step 7

Pompom Snowman

Trim the ends of the yarn to make all of them of same length.

step 8

Pompom Snowman

Next we start making the pompoms. Wind the white wool yarn on both parts of the pompom maker.

step 9

Pompom Snowman

Start cutting the wound yarn along the circle and tie it at the centre with other wool yarn.

step 10

Pompom Snowman

Open the pompom maker and remove the yarn. Lightly tap it to make a pompom ball. Trim the yarn slightly to make it look even. Make similar pompom ball of different size.

step 11

Pompom Snowman

Stick the two pompom balls with the help of a glue gun.

step 12

Pompom Snowman

Put the snowman cap on the smaller pompom ball. Put a yellow lace around the neck of the snowman. Stick googly eyes. Use a small piece of orange pipe cleaner as a nose. similarly, make hands from brown color pipe cleaner. Attach small pieces of pipe cleaner as coat-buttons.

step 13

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Hot glue gun, two different sized pompom maker, wool yarn of three colors (white, purple/brown), orange and brown pipe cleaner, yellow lace, googly eyes, scissors.


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