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Poha Papad Reindeer

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Reindeer is created using Poha papad by my 4 year old son

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Poha papad Reindeer My son always gives his hand while do my household chores.Today while I was frying papad,he told me Amma..Poha papad has become Reindeer now. I was totally amazed by his thought.There is no limit for a child's imagination. So,we did poha papad reindeer today.Yes,you read it right,we did poha papad reindeer. All our activities are mostly child led activities which requires very minimal preparation and it would be fun learning.We love the way we do. ? Would you like to know how we created poha papad reindeer? You just need poha papad (one full papad and a broken piece) Place the poha papad in center,stick the broken piece has horn with glue. Next step,my son took my bindis and kept it as eyes .Then he put circle around the bindis and reindeer got beautiful eyes. Then we put dot stickers for mouth and nose. Our poha papad reindeer is ready and my son gifted it to me????

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Poha papad Dot stickers Black sketch pen Glue


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