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It's time to Recycle, Reuse and Repeat

Ornamental gift box

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These ornaments can decorate your christmas tree and also can be a gift box with choclates inside.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Ornamental gift box

First cut news paper strips as shown

step 2

Ornamental gift box

Start rolling all the paper strips

step 3

Ornamental gift box

You will have rolled strips like this

step 4

Ornamental gift box

Roll the strips as shown above. The base One should have an extra strip.

step 5

Ornamental gift box

Now push the rolled strips towards inside to form the shape as shown.

step 6

Ornamental gift box

Now give a coat of fevicol water mixture.

step 7

Ornamental gift box

Make different shapes like cone, semi circle as shown.

step 8

Ornamental gift box

Start painting all the pieces

step 9

Ornamental gift box

Decorate the pieces with paint, flower, mirror, 3d outliner

step 10

Ornamental gift box

Paste two pieces together with cello tape and paste sattin ribbon on both pieces to tie the pieces together

step 11

Ornamental gift box

You can tie the ribbon and hang on christmas tree.

step 12

Ornamental gift box

Paste other pairs together and put choclates inbetween and tie it together with satin ribbon as before

step 13

Ornamental gift box

Attach a ribbon to hang it on christmas tree

step 14

Ornamental gift box

For this you can wrap the ribbon around and make a bow knot and hang

step 15

Ornamental gift box

For this as well you can wrap ribbon as above

step 16

Ornamental gift box

Finished product

You Will NeedYou Will Need

newspaper, paint, 3d outliner, mirror, small flower, sattin ribbon, fevicol, cello tape.


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Posted 1 year ago

Cost less an looking simple and nice..
 Er Nikhil

Er Nikhil

Posted 1 year ago

Lovely... :)

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