Fevicryl Creative Challenge

It's time to Recycle, Reuse and Repeat

Mychristmascorner Best out of Waste-Merry Christmas

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Mychristmascorner Made this Christmas decoration by recycling the products which is not in used.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Here collect the materials required to make this beautiful Christmas decoration.Here materials require are cardboard,cotton,wool,velvetpaper,newspaper,disposable glass,ribbion,beads,sketch pens,fevicryl colours,fevicol,silvewr foil paper,Carrybags,thermocol balls.silver glitter.wool(red and white),small red and white beads,scissors and stone lace

step 2

Now first make Santa-clause for this take one big disposable glass for body and small for cap.and attach velevt red paper and cotton.And for face make a round with paper and colour it using fevicryl colour and with sketch pen make eyes and nose

step 3

Now for tree cut the two carry bags of red and green into strips and fold it in half and attach it on the cone shaped made out of cardboard.And attach a lace on the top

step 4

Now for star cut two velvet red paper into star shape and on one add silver glitter and attach both to each other and keep on the tree.

step 5

Now make two rolls out of news paper and decorate it with red and silver lace.

step 6

Now for bells cut cardboard into four small cones and decorate two cones with white wool and two with red wool.

step 7

now cut cardboard into circle and den inner circle and decorate half with white wool and other half with red wool to make a wreth.

step 8

Now make a star with red and white beads.first take 5 red beads and tie with thread and den continue the same till a circle is formed .now taking each one of the bead in a circle add five white beads and continue till star is formed

step 9

now make gift box with velvet paper and silver paper and decorate it with ribbion

step 10

now cut velvet paper in the letters of MERRY CHRISTMAS

step 11

Now cut cardboard for base cover with cotton to give snow effect and assemble every element of Christmas decoration on it.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

cardboard,cotton,wool,velvetpaper,newspaper,disposable glass,ribbion,beads,sketch pens,fevicryl colour,fevicol,silver foil,Carrybags,thermocol balls.silver glitter.wool(red and white),small red and white beads,scissors and stone lace


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