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Miniature table top Christmas tree.

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As this is a Christmas season many of us give gifts to others. So I made mini Christmas tress using waste materials and low cost materials. So that you can give as many gifts as you can cause these are not at all expensive. And these are decoratives for t

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Miniature table top Christmas tree.

Take a paper plate cut it into two halves. Take a waste cloth cut it into same shape of half paper plate. Now take half paper plate turn it into cone shape using tape or stapler. Apply some oil or Vaseline to cone.

step 2

Miniature table top Christmas tree.

Take 5 spoons of plaster of Paris (pop) glue and water mix it as paste in a bowl. Dip the cloth in bowl and apply paste. Wrap the dipped cloth to cone. Cut if any excess cloth is there. And let the cloth dry until the cloth becomes hard. Now remove the paper plate without disturbing the cloth cone shape

step 3

Miniature table top Christmas tree.

Let the cone dry until it becomes hard. Remove the paper plate from cloth without disturbing the cloth shape. Apply green colour and green glitter, White balls, gold star at the top of the cone. Apply one by one till each one dry.

step 4

Miniature table top Christmas tree.

After finishing cone. Take a bottle cap and make hole in the middle and insert pizza stand as shown above. Now take brown sheet roll it tightly and apply glue. Insert the roll in a stand. Now the tree stand will finish

step 5

Miniature table top Christmas tree.

Take some coloured wrappers. Wrap them with news paper or waste paper in shape of chocolates and gifts. Attach them to the tree stand with the help of glue. As decorations to the stand now attach the cone to the roll as shown above with the help of glue. Now the tree is ready. You can add glitters and make the tree any of your favourite colour.

step 6

Miniature table top Christmas tree.

Mini Christmas tree is ready for gifting and decorating on table top.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Plaster of Paris, fevicryl glue, paper plate, coloured wrappers, cloth, green colour, glitters, pizza stand, water, bottle cap, brown colour paper bag.


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