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DIY Snowman

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Make your own snowman with thermocol balls and cotton and some paper. Deck up your halls with this interesting Xmas project.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

DIY Snowman

1. Take 2 styrofoam or thermocol balls, one slightly smaller than the other. Join them together using a wooden barbecue skewer. Pierce the skewer half way through one ball first and then place the second ball on top of it.

step 2

2. Apply glue all over the surface of the balls and stick cotton on it.

step 3

3. Cut out 2 circles from black paper to make the eyes of the snowman. The diameter of the circle will depend on the size of your snowman.

step 4

4. Take an orange piece of paper and make a cone out of it to form the nose of the snowman.

step 5

5. Punch out 5 tiny circles to make the snowman's mouth. You can also cut out a new moon shape from black paper to make the mouth.

step 6

6. Cut 2 more circles, to make the buttons of the snowman and stick them on the lower part of his body.

step 7

7. Take 2 twigs or any other material that you may have on hand, to make the arms of the snowman.

step 8

8. Wrap a piece of red cloth around his neck to make the muffler.

step 9

DIY Snowman

9. Make a paper hat/woollen cap on his head. And this completes our DIY snowman.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

2 styrofoam/thermocol balls of different sizes, Cotton, One wooden barbecue stick, Black paper for eyes, mouth, buttons and hat, Orange paper for nose, Twigs for arms, Red cloth for muffler, Glue, Scissors


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