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DIY Paper Christmas Tree

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Make your own Xmas tree this holiday season with just paper. This is an eco-friendly project and can be executed within an hour.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

1. Cut out 5 circles from the green card stock. I used plates to cut out the circles.

step 2

2. Fold each circle into half and open it. Then fold again into half so as to get a cross in the center.

step 3

3. Continue to open and align along the earlier lines to make more folds and get a total of 8 crease lines one each circle. This will give you 16 sections on the circle.

step 4

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

4. Fold the circle into quarter and cut out the top portion as shown. This will give space to thread the layers onto the stem easily.

step 5

5. Starting from one end of the circle, very carefully fold along the crease lines to get one valley and one mountain fold (fan fold). This will form one layer of the tree.

step 6

6. Once all the layers are ready, arrange them onto the stem and decide the placement. Remember not to cut open the topmost layer as it will sit on top of the stem.

step 7

7. Glue the layers from the center onto the stem. Decorate the tree with stickers.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Green card stock, Empty aluminium foil roll or any stick for the stem, Scissors, Glue , Stickers for decorating


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