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Diy Christmas Advent Calendar

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It is diy Christmas advent calendar done by my 4 year old

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

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Diy - Christmas Advent Calendar - Random Act of Kindness ? This was our first experience of doing Christmas advent calendar.This was done by my little hero for this Christmas 2016 I  really don't know whether it is correct way of doing or not but I m satisfied that my child enjoyed doing it with full involvement & interest. My sincere thanks to Amruta Ramsubramaniam,only because of her ,I came to know about Christmas Advent Calendar and my very special thanks to Rebecca Newnes-Fernandes who gave me very clear picture and ways to do advent calendar.Most of the topics in advent calendar are ideas of Rebecca ,artsycrafty( article written by my friend Sweta Mani) and my little hero(he suggested three topics while we were planning. Materials needed: Any two coloured chart paper Sketch pens Any glue Scissors Lots of stickers. Our style of preparation My son drew the line with my help and divided in to 24 parts in one chart paper and another chart paper,i drew the line so that he can cut with scissors. We discussed about the topics and he had lots of questions ,then noted down in paper (24 topics). My son wrote the title in sketch pen at the top and bottom of chartpaper while I spelled out .Topics of the day were written by me inside every box.He glued the chart papers which he had cut as per my instruction. Then finally gave him set of stickers and asked him to stick wherever he find appropriate. Once,he was all done..we were really happy to see our first Christmas advent calendar- Random.act of kindness.It was very simple and learned a lot while doing it and lots of love in each and everything we did together. Topics from Dec 1 to Dec 24 are as follows 1.Smile day 2.Feed the birds 3.Hug day 4.Help Amma 5.Give gift to needy people 6.Buy Rose for neighbour Grandma(my son's idea) 7.help elderly person 8.Make some one happy 9.Clean your toys 10.Donate toys and clothes 11.Wish appa happy birthday with newspaper gift(idea by my son) 12.Plant a seed 13.Prepare Smile card 14.Save for Special Cause 15.Give food for someone who is hungry 16.Kindness Jar 17.Read books about kindness 18.Call your grandparents and make them feel special 19.Count your blessings and record it 20.Do Christmas tag and give it to your friends 21.Prepare card for your teacher 22.Give compliment to some one 23.Search Mami for Karthik mama(idea by my son ,Karthik is my brother,he want to search mami(aunty) for his mama(uncle)) 24.Be thankful for every little thing Merry Christmas  littlehero 4years christmas2016

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Chart paper Glue Stickers


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