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Christmas Tree Box

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Use your old carton boxes and turn them into a beautiful Christmas Tree box for the perfect Christmas present. The box also has a shelf in between so you can put things in both top and bottom shelf. Kids will love this tree box filled with candies.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Christmas Tree Box

Cut the shapes as shown. I have made a 3.5" x 3.5" square for the box base and the height of the tree is 5.5".

step 2

Christmas Tree Box

Using a cutter make groves along the lines so that it becomes easy to fold along the lines. Then fold.

step 3

Stick all sides starting from the base.

step 4

Christmas Tree Box

Make another box little smaller than 3.5 inch in length and breadth. The height should be 0.5". Keep the top side of this box open.

step 5

Christmas Tree Box

Cut a transparent OHP sheet and stick it to the open side of the box. Before sticking place some sequins or beads inside the box. I have placed golden sequined stars inside the box.

step 6

Christmas Tree Box

Stick the small box inside the bigger box. This box acts as a shelf in the big box.

step 7

Christmas Tree Box

You can place your gifts in both the shelves. After that stick the open side of the tree box.

step 8

Christmas Tree Box

Stick green glitter foam on all sides of the tree. Cut any one side to make an opening.

step 9

Christmas Tree Box

Stick velvet on all sides of the square box and cut any one side to make opening

step 10

Christmas Tree Box

Cut bells, Santa, snowman in foam sheets to decorate the tree box. Cut red velvet in the shape of a stocking

step 11

Christmas Tree Box

Color the Santa, Snowman and bells as shown

step 12

Christmas Tree Box

Stick them one by one on all sides

step 13

Christmas Tree Box

step 14

Christmas Tree Box

step 15

Christmas Tree Box

step 16

Christmas Tree Box

Stick a glitter star on top of you tree box. Hurray your tree box is ready.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Old Carton Boxes, Cutter, Fevicol, Glitter Foam Sheet in green White Foam Sheet, Green Velvet, Glitter Pens, Sequins, Beads


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