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Christmas Special - Bottle Santa

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Santa is the most essential when it comes to christmas .. and waiting for santa is difficult. So why not Bring Santa to your home this Christmas ?? its not at all difficult An old bottle and some creativity (along with your favourite fevicryl color range)

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Christmas Special - Bottle Santa

Take a glass bottle (yes recycling works here) .. any bottle will do.. Draw the figure of santa (Since my bottle was dark colored I have used White color) you need not buy a new one.. use the old ketchup/beer bottle instead (Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan .. remember)

step 2

Christmas Special - Bottle Santa

Step 2.1 Use Shilpkar to make the santa and let it dry.. you may make other accessories (Like belt, buttons too) Step 2.2 Then use a mixture of Fevicryl Acrylic Colors and Fevocol to paint the bottle.. (I have used Red Acrylic + Fevicol for the bottle and White Acrylic + Fevicol for the face of santa) Let it completely dry (since its winters i had left it for 1 entire day)

step 3

Christmas Special - Bottle Santa

Step 3.1 After the red paint has dried.. use fevicol and stick glitter on the red portion of the bottle.. (Christmas is all about magic remember!! the Glitter adds a magical feel to it) After you have added the glitter let it dry. Step 3.2 Once it dries you need to apply another coat of fevicol over the glitter (YES over the glitter) The would help the glitter to stick on the bottle and wont come out when someone touches the bottle! [Common you dont want your artwork to bleed color/glitter just like the new 2000 rupee note does do you ;) ? Fevicol here comes as a life saver]

step 4

Christmas Special - Bottle Santa

Step 4.1 the next step is to add your magical touch paint the details of the santa and you are ready to go. I have used pearl Metallic color (Golden) for his belt's buckle Ps. I have used plastic eyes for santa and i love them Step 4.2 use cotton to give final touches to Santa's Cap And yes you are done Welcome the lovely santa and tell him all you want this christmas !! Merry Christmas

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Fevicryl - Pearl Metallic Colors Fevicryl - Shilpkar Fevicol Fevicryl - Acrylic Colors Old Bottle, Brushes, Cotton, Plastic Eyes & Creativity


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