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Christmas exploding box

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This is an Christmas exploding box made by paper and it can use as Christmas greeting card as well as show piece

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Make a box of dimensions of 10 cm each side except top side Then draw a square of 10 cm dimensions and cut it then take 3 cm strip and mark 1 cm line and fold it and past that strip on that square applying glue on 1 cm line

step 2

We r ready with our box Then on colour paper draw a leaf like structure and cut it then stretch it and give a structure it like a pettel Make 3 pettel and paste in such a way that it make flower Make as many as you want

step 3

Make leaf and add near the flower We r ready with our flower By the help of qulling tools make circle have different radius and paste it together as a hat and decorat it as you wish

step 4

Make one cone having less height then the box For making leafs of Christmas tree cut it fine leaving little space at bottom and then twist each strip

step 5

Then paste that strip on the cone on the cone from top to bottom Decorat vit as you wish and paste it inside the box

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Colour paper , fevcol , paper qulling , glitter , beedes , crap paper .


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