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Revamp Umbrella

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Give your old boring umbrella a unique update. Just add some shimmery ribbons, glitter, flowers and jump out in the rain. Be sure to grab everyone's attention.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Revamp Umbrella

Get all the things needed for this revamp. Fabric Glue, Glitter powder, flower shaped glass beads, ribbon and decorative flowers.

step 2

Revamp Umbrella

Open your umbrella. Place it where you want to start working

step 3

Revamp Umbrella

Put fabric glue to the edge of the umbrella and stick the ribbon. You can also stick ribbon to the ribs.

step 4

Revamp Umbrella

Stick the decorative flower bunch to the tips of the umbrella. Stick the glitter paper flower on the top centre of the umbrella.

step 5

Revamp Umbrella

Stick the flower shaped glass beads on the umbrella.

step 6

Revamp Umbrella

Stick flowers in a row on the edge of the umbrella just above the ribbon.

step 7

Revamp Umbrella

Take fabric glue and make some swirls on the fabric of umbrella. You can make the swirls with very little gap to cover the old fabric. Then sprinkle the white glitter powder on the umbrella

step 8

Revamp Umbrella

Apply fabric glue and sprinkle the glitter powder on the edge above the ribbon to fill the space between the ribbon and the decorative flowers.

step 9

Revamp Umbrella

To complete stick some flowers in the end of the glass beads line stuck earlier.

step 10

Revamp Umbrella

Your old umbrella is now revamped and ready to use.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Fabric Glue, Glitter powder, flower shaped glass beads, ribbon and decorative flowers.


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