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Rainbow Birthday decor

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Rainbow theme birthday backdrop with rainbow flower and rainbow water drops.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Rainbow Birthday decor

Draw flower shape.Then cut it for tracing remaining flowers.

step 2

Rainbow Birthday decor

Trace the remaining flowers.i made 10 big flowers and 8 small flowers to keep birthday letters.

step 3

Rainbow Birthday decor

Measured the diameter of the flower and divide it by 7 (since 7 colors of rainbow) and marked and draw straight lines for each color and in the center a circle left as white ..then I painted the 7 colors..in each flower..

step 4

Rainbow Birthday decor

After done with painting each flower ,I draw the letters using pencil and ruler then cut it and painted letters and sticked in the center of flowers(for the alignment I pasted the flowers first on the wall then sticked the letters). Raindrops:draw and cut a water drop shape then I traced it on the 7 colored sheets and I made each color 6 drops.

step 5

Rainbow Birthday decor

The number 5 I made with creeper paper ..first I made number 5 and I painted it with rainbow colors(this is not required.just divide the number into 7 equal parts and mark it).Then cut the crepe paper into many squares.then twisted the square crepe paper piece with a pencil like in the image..and stick it on the number.

step 6

Rainbow Birthday decor

Repeat the steps with all colors of crepe paper and this is the result of number 5.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Chart papers,colored construction papers(7 colors),pencil,Ruler,acrylic paint and brush,Scissors,crepe paper and glue.


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