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Embroided Rajasthani Chowki (In painting)

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Rajasthani Chowki created using different kinds of embroidery stitches with liquid embroidery colors The Stitches are 1. Back Stitch 2. Inter-lacing stitch 3. Chain stitch 4. Running stitch 5. Kashmiri Style 6. Zardosi work 7. Kantha work 8. Cut work 9.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take 18-18 inches hard board.

step 2

Paste a red satin fabric on it using fabric glue

step 3

Using a white marker pencil draw 4 squares of each 3 inches all along with border.

step 4

Embroided Rajasthani Chowki (In painting)

Create on the outer most square (along the border) the following stitches using LE Yellow, Orange, Green and Purple 1. Inter-lacing stitch 2. Chain stitch 3. Running stitch

step 5

In the second square patch, create Kamal Kadai stitch using LE Purple and yellow

step 6

In between the Kamal stitch also create Kashmiri style of embroidery using LE Orange and Golden yellow color

step 7

In the 3rd Square patch create Zardosi style of embroydery using LE Glittter Gold Rush (i.e) squeeze a line of gold rush LE and place gold chamkki on it at equi distance creating a Zardosi patters.

step 8

In the center of the board, draw 4 mango design and create a cut-work style of embroidery using LE Glitter Gold Rush. Keep LE Orange and Green dots between the line.

step 9

Kantha Stitch embroidery can be used to fill up the gaps on the board.

step 10

Using LE Purple, Yellow, Blue and orange, squeeze a drop and place round chamkki (medium size) and press to create a pain rim around the chamkki. Repeat this all around as the border

step 11

Back Stitch embroidery pattern using LE White creating the last row of the board.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

1. 18-18 inches satin cloth 2. 18-18 inches hard board 3. White pencil marker 4. LE colors - White, Golden yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Purple, Pearl Metalic Gold 5. Glitter Gold Rush 6. Fabric Glue


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Posted 2 years ago

Very neat and beautiful work. All the best archana. I wish you good luck with the contest.


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