flower cage

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i use hobby ideas new color to make a flower cage and the main thing in this cage is the flower ball.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

flower cage

materials i used

step 2

flower cage

firstly i use pen and wire to make the flower

step 3

flower cage

it will look like this, i made around 40 flowers

step 4

sry but i cant upload this image as it says invalid image.... in this step i fill the flower inner part with fevicol glue ane with glue i stick the beads inside the flower. let the fevicol dry for 2-3 hrs

step 5

flower cage

when the fevicol dry out completely then i color the flower with new hobby ideas color

step 6

flower cage

as the flowers color is also dry... insert those flower on thermacol ball

step 7

flower cage

to make the cage i use icream sticks and make a hexagon pattern

step 8

flower cage

for base again it is made with ice cream sticks

step 9

flower cage

now i attach the upper part and base with wire by making holes on the side and then attach them with wire

step 10

flower cage

sorry for the dark picture.... on the attached wires attach leaves and cover the wire with white tape and color it with greenery color

step 11

flower cage

attach the floral ball with thread... to decorate the more i use doll made with wire and tissue paper and to give a festive look i use fairy lights.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

thermacol ball, hobby ideas new color series, fevicol, flower wire, ice-cream sticks, leaves, beads/pearl,thread, fairy lights.


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