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ScrapBook/Photo Album from Old File

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Turn your old file into a beautiful photo album or scrapbook and add all your memorable photos into it.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

ScrapBook/Photo Album from Old File

Take an old file and remove the spring/string inside which is used to hold the papers and brown paper to cover the entire file, so that it looks good.

step 2

ScrapBook/Photo Album from Old File

Cut the file into the required height and shape. See that the size is bigger than the size of normal photos.

step 3

ScrapBook/Photo Album from Old File

Make use of old calendar papers that are stiff or craft papers to make individual sheet of size little smaller than the album cover. The photos can be sticked on the sheet and these sheets can be added into the album.

step 4

ScrapBook/Photo Album from Old File

Makes holes for every sheet using the holes punching machine used for files. Pass a ribbon or lace through the holes of file and add all the sheets to the lace/ribbon to make a album

step 5

ScrapBook/Photo Album from Old File

Decorate the cover of album with different craft/colour paper. Give your album a good title. Your album/scrapbook is ready.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Old file, Calendar Paper(stiff),Brown book cover paper, Ribbon/Lace, Holes Punching Machine, Fevicol, Scissors, Crafts papers, Sparkle pens


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