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Hello, My name is Apoorv Mathur, I am 18 year old, my passion is to create everything creative so.. I have made this indian culture kathakali from a waste bottle of vodka, some waste caps of poster colours, waste clothes of God ( pushaks). I try my be

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1


Step 1: my best out waste to make kathakali. The above image shows all the material needed to make kathakali

step 2


Step 2: in this step I am making the lower portion first. So I have cutted the waste bowl through the knife. The centre of bowl. After cutting it I have fixed with the vodka bottle and put few drops of fevibond

step 3


Step 3: now it time to make the costume of kathakali. For this I have pasted God's clothes (pushak) for the costume. Upper part is of red cloth and lower part is of green cloth and this is waste dresses and than I have pasted chuni and hair of kathakali

step 4


Step 4: after costume now this step is for crown of the kathakali. I have pasted some decorative and waste rakhi on the crown and pasted a waste suit cloth on crown then pasted pearls and at the end painted with Fevicryl acrylic red colour to give a finish to my kathakali crown

step 5


Step 5: I this step I have made face of the kathakali. I painted the face with help of fevicryl acrylic colours and a black maker. And its look so amazing.

step 6


Step 6: in this step I have pasted the waste caps of poster colours and around the face of kathakali. First I have pasted small cap and then big caps on both the sides of the face and painted with Fevicryl acrylic red colour.

step 7


Now it is ready the above image shows the side and front look of kathakali. I hope you like my craft work best out of waste. Thank you.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Materials: fevicryl acrylic colour, waste vodka bottle, waste bowl and cap of container, maker, decorative items to make crows and jewellery, fevi kwik, fevi bond , knife, waste caps, paint brush, clothes of God ( pushak) , hair, scissor


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