Rangeela – Tempera Colours

– These colours help you make and enhance personalised handmade gifts
with a range of attractive & bright colours including Glitter shades.
– Non-toxic and conforms to common European Standards (CE certified)
so they are safe for children.
– Use directly without adding water for an opaque poster colour effect
and add water for poster-cum-water colour effect.
– Easily washable.

Rangeela – Tempera Colours – FAQs

1) What are Tempera Colours?
Ans: Tempera Colours are unique and ready to use colours. These colours give a dual effect: Opaque and Transparent.

2) What surfaces can they be used on?
Ans: Paper & Thermocol.

3) How do you achieve opaque and transparent effects?
Ans: For an opaque effect use the colours straight from the bottle and add water for transparency.

4) What other benefits do these colours offer?
Ans: These colours are-Economical,Washable,Bright shades, Safe & Non-Toxic.