Fevicryl Acrylic Colour – Sunflower Kit


– Fevicryl Arylic Colours – Sunflower Kit are versatile and can be used
on multiple surfaces
– They are waterproof even on porous substrates
– These colours are long lasting
– The colours have a lustre to them
– No medium or binder required
– Non Toxic
– It can be used on wood, MDF, terracotta/earthernware, metal,
walls with stencilling work etc

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Fevicryl Acrylic Colours – Sunflower Kit – FAQs

1) How many shades are there in the the Sunflower Kit?
Ans: There are 10 brilliant shades in the kit. They are all Acrylic Colours that are ideal for multiple surfaces.

2) What are the Acrylic Shades available in the Sunflower Kit and what is the capacity in each bottle?
Ans: The kit contains 10 shades which are – Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, White, Black, Sap Green, Light Green, Deep Brilliant Purple, Crimson, Lemon Yellow and Orange. Each bottle is of 15 ml.

3) What are the different surfaces that they can be used on?
Ans: They can be used on wood, MDF, terracotta / earthern-ware, metal, walls with stenciling work etc.

4) Are these colours water-proof?
Ans: Yes, these colours are water-proof, even on porous substrates.

5) Do these colours require a medium or binder?
Ans: No, they do not require any medium or binder and have been especially formulated to be used directly from the bottle.

6) Are these colours safe for children?
Ans: Yes, most certainly as they are non-toxic.