Feviart – Mouldit Special

  • Mould, Sculpt and Innovate with Fevicryl Mouldit.  Let your creative buds reach heights of creative imagination with this versatile and user-friendly clay.
  • Our this edition of Feviart – Clay Special showcases for our avid and ardent hobbyists and creators a melange of creations and articles that have been made with Feviart – Mouldit.
  • The magazine has been divided very conveniently into two broad categories “Adorn Your Environment” and “My Corner”
  • The collection ranges from articles that you can adorn your walls and accentuate your home décor to wall hangings and frames made beautifully and brought together through varied mediums and each of these have the Fevicryl – Mouldit as the prime product with which it has been made
  • Happy Moulding and Keep Creating 🙂

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