Feviart – Mixed Media


  • Mixed Media is a term used to describe artworks made from a combination of different materials or medias.
  • It is intriguing as well as fun as we can use a combination of various techniques to create beautiful artworks like painting, drawing, layering, collaging, texturizing, sgraffito, create peeled paint effect, monoprinting, frottage, rubbing, slicing, weaving and more.
  • Feviart – Mixed Media is a plethora of just all put together in an aesthetic manner.
  • Using Fevicryl Colours and 3D Outliners have further accentuated the articles and projects doing justice all the way.
  • For some projects in this edition we have used “Bricolage” form of art.
  • Bricolage is a French word meaning roughly “do-it-yourself”, and it is applied in an art context to artists who use a diverse range of non-traditional art materials.
  • Being an edition that has focussed on Mixed Media the colour range has blended brilliantly on numerous substrates.
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