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Ms. Ekta Saigal Lulla- Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time. In such vital times a wedding planner can be your best friend who helps you ease out those unwanted plights during a wedding preparation and completely undertake the onus of arranging a good wedding well –fitted in your budget. Event Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., a popular Mumbai based event management company, is among the few who are a one stop solution provider for all kinds of weddings. Jt. Managing Director of Event Solutions, Ms. Ekta Saigal Lulla has an enriching experience in this field and is popularly known as the marriage angel for making a wedding the most special event in a couple’s life. In a candid interview with Ms. Sridatta Gupta she shares her experience as a wedding planner and the challenges involved in running such a competitive business.

“It’s an extremely demanding field which requires continuous innovation thus ensuring lot of creativity and no space for monotony or boredom.“

What does a wedding mean to you?

Wedding is the integration of two families and two individuals promising to be one through thick and thin. It’s the biggest celebration in an individual’s life; a celebration which leaves memories for a lifetime.

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner plays a major role in planning, organizing and executing various pre and post events and other aspects of a wedding. Its their primary job to ensure that the wedding ceremonies are conducted in a most efficient and smooth manner and assist in creating a stress free environment for both bride and groom and their families, thus creating an atmosphere full of festivities and enjoyment.

What typical roles is a wedding planner responsible for?

A wedding planner’s work starts right at the stage where two families start planning the union of two individuals. They assist in suggesting wedding venues or destinations, bridal trousseau, designing the decor, arranging catering, entertainment, logistics for guests, honeymoon and visa arrangements. They play the role of a one stop shop for every wedding need.

What’s your most popular service in a wedding?

Logistics and hospitality play a major role in any wedding. As they say, the first impression is the last impression; hence logistics is my forte. I ensure that all guests reach comfortably from the place of arrival to various venues each day and then happily bid them farewell at the end of the celebrations.Simultaneously the hospitality team ensures that the requests and requirements of each guest attending the wedding are met with ease and comfort, thus aiming to exceed theguest’s expectations.
“The most important skill sets are patience, a creative mindand a very active body.”

What are the different kinds of themes on which you prefer planning your wedding?

Themes vary from guest to guest depending on their tastes and preferences. Some prefer the theme around a colour or shape or some ornament. Prominently in Indian weddings people prefer themes based on Indian Gods viz. Radha Krishna, Ganesha etc. Some of the recent popular contemporary themes are carnival, casino, hawaiian, retro or Bollywood.

Which is the most raving theme currently?

Bollywood is one of the most popular themes as it has a wide avenue for decor and entertainment, and has never fallen short to awe the guests.

What are the different kinds of gifts which are used in a wedding?

Gifts again play an extremely important part in a wedding. Right choice of gifts creates the right impression on the invitees. Gifts given with invites range from sweets, dry fruits, chocolates to crystal items, handicrafts, silverware etc.

What are the most popular gifts your clients demand for their guests?

The most popular are dry fruits and chocolates. Equal emphasis is being given on packaging of the gifts articles. At times the packaging turns out to be more expensive than the gift.

What do you admire most in the wedding world?

It’s an extremely demanding field which requires continuous innovation thus ensuring lot of creativity and no space for monotony or boredom.

What was the most challenging & expensive wedding you have handled till date?

As mentioned earlier, no two weddings are same. Each has its own set of expectations and challenges. All wedding celebrations exceed the preset budgets, hence each family has their own expenses and with the growing economy, expenses and expectations, each new wedding turns out to be more expensive than the previous one.

How do you find the trend of this wedding planning industry in India?

The trend is fast evolving and the wedding planning companies are rapidly growing in the country. Family sizes have reduced and work pressure has increased leaving not much of free time for people to concentrate on mega time consuming events like weddings. In certain communities, weddings have become a status symbol. Hence, each one demands and expects something different and better than the previous wedding, thus providing ample opportunities to the planner to work on their creative juices and earn clients.

How long have you been working in this field?

Indirectly for 12yrs and as a wedding planning expert for 5 years.

Some of the tips which you apply to manage a wedding?

My motto is under promise, over deliver & thus exceed expectations.

What will be your word of advice for an aspirant who wants to make a career or start off as an entrepreneur in this field?

Patience is the foremost quality required in an individual. One should only promise what one can deliver and always deliver to their full capacity and thus exceed client expectations making them clients for life.

What are the top events to your credit?
I have organized events for Neelam Group of Companies, Gundecha Builders, a grand reception for Siyaram, felicitation of Sharad Pawar on becoming the ICC Chairperson, I M She - Sushmita Sen’s first launch of Miss Universe pagent, Durian Society awards & many more.

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