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Stencil Painting

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An easy way to paint on a fabric is stencil painting! Stencilling is probably one of the oldest and easiest decorating techniques.  A stencil gives you the freedom of painting the same design on multiple surfaces with minimal effort and yes, stencils are reusable! You can be a master at stencil painting and the result is also just fab! Stencil painting can be done on fabric at home using paper and scissors. 

The first step in stencil painting is to make a stencil or you can use a readymade stencil too. An OHP sheet or thick paper board is ideal to make a sturdy stencil. Cut the design on the sheet with a paper cutter and we are ready with the stencil to use.


Apart from the stencil we need:

  1. Tape (to keep the stencil in place)
  2. Fevicryl Fabric Colours
  3. Colour palette
  4. Water Container
  5. Stencil brushes/ foam dauber

Prepare the surface to paint by placing the design on the fabric and taping it. Then dip the dauber or brush in undiluted fabric colour and start applying it through the grooves of the stencil. Do not force paint under the edge of the stencil, nor apply the paint with a heavy hand else it will spread. Make sure that the design is evenly covered with the paint. Let the paint dry slightly and then remove the stencil gently. Then wash the stencil and you may continue to use it on the same fabric or any other surface. Touch up the design with brush if need be. Then leave the painted fabric to dry. Lastly clean and store the stencils properly for them to last a long-long time.


Isn’t stencilling an interesting technique? Then let us get going!




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Posted 3 years ago

Very good idea
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