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6 Interesting Diwali Diya Making Ideas

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6 Interesting Diwali Diya Making Ideas
Diwali the festival of lights that brings in good spirits and a lot of austerity to one and all. It's the time of the year where things are bought into homes, gifts are distributed amongst friends and close ones and loads of fun and zest that surrounds each one of us.
What we have here are some very pretty and homely ideas that can be made for our homes with the involvement of the whole family. Come lets have fun together making handmade beautiful diwali diyas as things made by hand are always cherished and will always a special place.
Leaf Shaped Diwali Diya:
Make this pretty and vibrantly coloured leaf shaped diya delicately handcrafted to perfection .Click to know how to make this leaf shaped diwali diya at home.
Leaf Shaped Diwali Diya Making Idea
Colourful Diyas for This Festive Season:
All you need is plain basic terracotta diyas, some fevicryl sparkling colours to paint, and 3D Glitters and you are set to decorate your verandahs and balconies with them to get that festive spark and glitz.
To know how you can paint your diwali diyas, click here
Colourful Diwali Diya Making Idea
Shilpkar Tea Light Holder:
Try this handmade tea light holder this festive season made out of OHP sheets and Shilpkar clay. This may look complex, but it is easy to make, you can even teach your kids to make one with you.  Learn how to make this clay tea light holder here
Shilpkar Tea Light Holder - Diwali Diya Decoration Idea
Diya Decoration with Quilled Flowers:
A handmade diya with quilled flowers is rather novel and something very delicate to create and learn. Use all the festive colours to make your diwali diya and make it the star attraction on your centre table this season.  

Here are the 8 steps that you need to follow to make this beautiful quilling diya decoration at home

Diya Decoration Idea with Quilled Flowers
Terracotta Diya Decoration 
This one is ideal for your threshold, a lovely handmade diya shaped differently and decorated with mirrors and acrylic colours that would add that touch of festivity in the air.
Terracotta Diya Decoration Idea
Click here to know how you can make one for your home.
Diwali Decoration Ideas with Handpainted Diyas:
These pretty and beautiful diyas can be used to enhance Diwali decorations like on the steps and around rangolis etc. Use different shaped diyas and bring it to brilliance by painting them.  
Know more about diwali diya painting and decorations here.
Diwali Decoration Ideas with Handpainted Diyas
These are all very different and fun diwali lighting ideas each one distinct that would snap you out of your mundane routine and make you create them.
So get on and get creating.