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Paper Crafts | Paper Craft

By Hobby Ideas | Pune, Maharashtra

Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts


Presenting Course on Paper Crafts. Kids will learn the following Paper  Crafts : Scrap Booking, Decoupage, Corrugated Quilling, Regular Qulling & Explosion Box. Kids will learn to make MOM DAD Scrapbooks, Decoupage Photoframes, Corrugated Quilling Animal Pen Stands, Quilled Fruit Coasters/ Magnets, Miniature Tea Set & Explosion Box with 2 to 3 layers using scrap book papers.

Age : 4 to 7 / 8 to 12 Years.


Hobby Ideas – Pune – Phoenix Market City
Address : Unit No. S-67A, Second Floor, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar,Nagar Road, Pune - 411014
Contact Nos : 9673005800 / 020-30950336

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