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Mosaic Making Workshop from 17th Oct 2015 | Best out of Waste

By Akanksha | New Delhi, Delhi

Mosaic Making Workshop from 17th Oct 2015


There is an inexplicable happiness and satisfaction in making things on our own. Working with hands is soon becoming a lost art and the joy of creation is becoming elusive. The workshop on mosaic art is for those who want to engross themselves in pure joy of making stuff. There is so much you can do with the broken tiles and glass pieces that you will be amazed at your own creativity. Also there is a sense of accomplishment in upcycling waste/broken stuff and break away from the cycle of use-and-throw. Class Goals At the end of the class, participants would have knowledge of all materials, tools and techniques used in mosaic making. More so, they will know exactly where to look for what. They would be getting a hands-on experience of making mosaic and will be taking home their masterpieces! Price: INR 2000 per person

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Posted 1 year ago

I have interest in crafting but till now i didn't do any creativity so please contact me whenever crafting workshop will organise.


Posted 1 year ago

Good deed i m so interedted