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Fevicryl Workshop | Fabric Craft

By SHILPI | Kolkata, West Bengal

Fevicryl Workshop
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Fevicryl Workshop to be held on 23/10/17. 25/10/17. 27/10/17. 28/10/17 at 5pm to 8 pm at Indian Instituted of Science Education & Research (IISER) Kolkata.

Introduction & ice breaker by the trainer.

1. White T-Shirt  to be brought for painting  

2. Texture painting on T shirt. or mount board to be brought.

3. Tie n Dye on white T-Shirt or 1 mt. white cloth.

4. Home decor one plastic bottle. or clay pot. paper, Talcum powder,

Material required- Fevicryl Sparkling Pearl  different shades, Fevicryl Pearl Metallic Gold & Silver, Liquid Embroidery Cone Outliner -  different shades, including Black & White. Fevicryl Acrylic-colours -  different shades. including  White & Black, Fevicryl Fabric Glue .

Other Materials -1 Old news papers, 2 Water Container, Palette for mixing colour 3. Painting Brush Round no- 2. 6.8, Flat. 6.10, 4-Drawing board, 5 Carbon White & Black, 6 Pencil, 7. Powder. Toothpick, 8. Cleaning cloth. 9. Cellotape 10. Sponge

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Fevicryl Workshop

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Fevicryl Teacher training course

Fevicryl Teacher Training Course

Fevicryl Workshop

Fevicryl Workshop

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