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Pop up card | Paper Craft > Other Paper Crafts

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Expert
Pop up card | Hobbyideas

Make your teachers day greeting card / teacher's day card on this honoured day to show your love and respect to your mentor. Make an origami card with an innovative and meaningful teachers day card design with a pop up effect to how much your teacher means to you.

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how to do it yourself

Pop up card - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Take red and blue coloured card papers.
Cut the papers measuring 6" x 6" in size. Cut about 10 papers of each colour.

Pop up card - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Take an A4 sized white coloured card paper.
Draw and mark vertical lines in the centre of the paper.
Make sure that you have to keep a 1" gap between the two lines.
Write the numbers starting from 1 to 5 on the top side of each line.
Take a 6" x 6" sized blue coloured card paper and place it on the vertical lines.

Pop up card - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

Mark the odd numbers 1, 3 and 5 with Fevicol MR.
Place the red coloured paper on the top.
Refer to the image.

Pop up card - Step 4 | Hobbyideas

Now mark the even numbers 2 and 4 with Fevicol MR.
Place another coloured paper the blue one on the top side.
Refer to the image.
Leave it dry.

Pop up card - Step 5 | Hobbyideas

Repeat the same process again following the odd and even numbers with all papers of both the shades.
Refer to the image.

Pop up card - Step 6 | Hobbyideas

Draw a zig-zag pattern in a semi circle form on the top side of the papers.
Cut the zig-zag pattern design.
You will get a honey comb shaped ball.
Refer to the image.

Pop up card - Step 7 | Hobbyideas

Take Hobby Ideas A4 sized golden coloured card paper.
Fold the paper in the centre to make the card.
Take the honey comb shaped ball and stick it inside the card in the centre.
Stick the ends of the ball using Fevicol MR so that when you open the card, the honey comb shaped ball will appear like a bunch of flowers.
Leave it to dry.

Pop up card - Step 8 | Hobbyideas

Take the green and brown coloured card paper.

Pop up card - Step 9 | Hobbyideas

Draw and cut few big and small leaves out of it.
Cut about 28 leaves out of it.

Pop up card - Step 10 | Hobbyideas

Stick both the leaves randomly around the honey comb shaped ball using Fevicol MR.
Leave it to dry.

you will need

Fevicol MR, Hobby Ideas A4 Sized Golden Coloured Card Paper. White, Red, Blue, Brown And Green Coloured Card Papers, Scissors, Pencil, Ruler.