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Does anyone know where I can get fancy customised or personalised wooden stamps made to gift to a book worm

Megha Gupta

Megha Gupta , Apr 04, 2015 2.10pm


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Answers (2)

You may find some good collection of the stamps on the hobbyideas web site - for which the link is this http://www.shop.hobbyideas.in/categories/Art-And-Craft-Tools-Wooden-Stamps/cid-CU00209216.aspx. You may also get some personalized stamps made from the Stamp makers. Type STAMP MAKERS on google to find if you have any vendors in or near your locality. Or else its fun to make your own Stamps using a foam sheet and cutting them in the shapes and sizes of your choice. You may further stick these shapes on some recyclable lids to have a proper grip when stamping :) Happy Crafting.


nitu | Mumbai

either in crafters corner or in itsy bitsy