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Can someone tell me how to stick Quilling Studs. I tried pasting but it comes off after some time.

Ekta Vora

Ekta Vora , Jul 04, 2016 3.06pm


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Answers (6)

You can try pasting it with Fevicol MR or Fevigum, use a tooth pick to apply it.

Ekta, you can cut four or five round pieces of paper (the size of the stud base you want to paste). Paste two papers on the quilled design then stick the stud, then stick the remaining paper pieces on the stud, piercing hole. That way the stud base will be secure. Hope this helps.


unique | Hyderabad

use febric glue... so that it won't come out... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWsqQQgO3Hpu1BKRMWxuYg?sub_confirmation=1

yes i guess i can help you you can do one buy GLUE GUN its costs only

you can use Fevicol


KIRAN | Hyderabad

Fabric glue is the best solution for all quilling crafts & jewelry fixation.


Is there any varnish which can be used in paper quilling?


Nikita , Mar 28, 2016 3.08pm


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Answers (2)

u can use clear gloss varnish(available in a spray can)

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Thanks Padmaja, I had heard we can also apply few coats of Fevicol to get shine. Can I do that, is it feasible??

Hi Nikita, u can apply fevicol for better shine and let dry for 1 day if you touch on wet one it leaves unnecessary spots


how to make quilling craft


Harshali | Navi Mumbai, Mar 04, 2016 5.18pm


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Answer (1)

harshali, now a days quilling material is available in most of the stationary shops are you can get it online also.other wise you can use home made objects like pencil or cake tester and you can make quilling papers by cutting paper into 3mm or 5mm sizes. you can do it either way but store bought quilling kit gives you good finish


I would like to know the kind of glue which can be used to stick the ear sticks for studs so that it's durable. Can you please help me regarding the same


Divyashree , Jun 24, 2015 1.15pm


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Answers (2)

I would like to know the kind of glue which can be used to stick the ear sticks for studs, so that its durable. Can u please help me regarding the same?

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Hii diyashree I think you can use ad tech glue sticks....

i use dendrite


I want to join the teacher's course. Please suggest how to go on about this and guide me

Babbita Srivastava

Babbita Srivastava , Jun 22, 2015 8.50pm


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Hobby Ideas

Hobby Ideas

Hi Babbita,

Can you please mail us your contact details at contactus@hobbyideas.in and we will get back to you.

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Can you please provide me the details? Here is my mail id..ranjanivarahan@icloud.com

i would also like to know about teachers course please contact me at abshah1103@gmail.com


How do I find workshops in Pune Region


saritha , May 26, 2015 6.59pm


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