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Sir/Mam, Are the Fevicryl Glass Colours and Hobby Ideas Glass Colours are same?

Shinjan Jain

Shinjan Jain , Sep 05, 2017 12.37pm


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Answers (2)

Yes, they are the same.


Bharathi | Chennai


I want to make 3d glass painting ? Can anyone suggest me that it can be made on plain glass or embossed one and how to stick glass on it ,from where i can get the glass pieces .please guide. I added link for painting which type i want to make?


Aanchal , May 09, 2017 4.34pm


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Answers (3)

Glass painting can be done both on plain and textured glass. Technique depends on the design you are using. If the glass pieces are not very bulky you can use Fabric Glue.

You can get various sizes of mosaic glass from any tile shop.


iman | Kolkata

Aanchal it is always better to use acrylic sheets for 3D glass painting instead of actual glass. I don’t know where do you live but you will get it easily. You can use fevicol or araldite.


I want to use decoupage for carton box & Beer bottle..how do i use it? can somebody help me.. Thanks in advance

Sunita Dias

Sunita Dias , Nov 15, 2016 10.33am


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Answers (2)


Decoupage starts with a plain and clean surface, Modge Podge and the pictures which we will like to use. Start with visualising the finished product and place the picture as per the plan. Glue them to the surface using Modge Podge. Ensure there is no air vacuum while sticking the pictures. Once dry apply Modge Podge on the picture to varnish it. This process can be repeated twice but the coat has to dry in between. 
For a detailed method you can visit  http://www.hobbyideas.in/diy/decoupage


KIRAN | Hyderabad

Hello Sunitha, For any decoupage art take the cutouts of the required design & paste it on any base using fabric glue.than decorate the outline with liquid embroidery pearl colors or glitters as per ur requirements,so that the design cutout will be covered & not at all visible like a greeting card or a calendar or a fabric cutout.


Can anyone suggest where can I get printed Glass for Tanjore glass painting in Pune or online. Or any suggestions on how to draw on glass the design, which pen to be used,etc...


Jeena | Pune, May 05, 2016 6.45pm


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Answers (2)

You get glass pencil markers in any hardware stores. you may get them in White or yellow colour Our regular CD marker pens can also be used on glass The best way is to TRACE the design on the glass using white, yellow or any other coloured carbon paper as per your requirement.

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Oh ok, will try. Thanks a lot.


Prashant | Pune

Do not use any pen on glass ,your pen can get damage also . instead of using pen u can draw one stencil on rough paper and place behind the glass so that the stencil did not move and with the glass liner draw your design


Looking for gold dust powder and it's medium for tanjore glass painting. Do hobby ideas sell it.


Jeena | Pune, Apr 20, 2016 10.46pm


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Answer (1)

You can use Acrylic colour Pearl Metallic Gold, it will give the same effect needed.

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Ok Thank You...