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The Butterfly Girl Top

It is a cotton top on which creation of butterfly girl has been done as seen in picture. It is made with SOFT ACRILYC COLORS, SEQUNCE, AND FEVICRYL LIQUID EMBRIODARY TUBES.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

First collect the Soft acrylic colors and tubes which are to be used for the creation along with the top on which creation has to be made

step 2

Trace the art with the help of butter paper on the top.

step 3

Art is empinged on the top with the help of carbon paper between the top and butter paper.

step 4

Now start pianting your art.

step 5

step 6

Paste the sequence with the help of fevicryl no stitch fabric glue.

step 7

Your butterfly girl top is ready to wear.

You Will Need

1. Fevicryl Soft acrylic colors. 2. Fevicryl liquid embroidery tubes. 3. Fevicryl no stitch fabric glue. 4. Cotton top. 5. Butter paper and carbon paper. 6. Sequence.


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