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T Shirt Makeover-Summer Theme

I had chosen a summer Theme for this Summer Makeover Contest. The first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of summer is Sun,Vacation,Beach.So had choosen this as a theme and had a makeover of T Shirt.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Collect all the required materials-White t shirt,Fevicryl soft colors,Brushes,Frame/plank,Pencil.

step 2

Here I have drawn the design of beach.

step 3

Started coloring,Here i started coloring the Sun first with Lemon Yellow and Orange(Lemon Yellow+Crimson).

step 4

Started coloring the water part with Blue color(Ultramarine Blue+White).

step 5

I have started one painting the umbrella and then started painting the ground part with brown(Lemon Yellow+Crimson+Ultramarine Blue)

step 6

After that, completed painting the remaining umbrellas.

step 7

Now started adding kites,balls.birds in the painting.

step 8

Now started finishing the painting with black outline.

step 9

Final Output.

You Will Need

White t shirt,Fevicryl soft colours,Brushes,Frame/plank,Pencil.


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