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This t-shirt has been painted with soft acrylic colors and 3D outliner. It depicts the big sunflower and the butterflies around it. This painting is done with the stencil and free hand painting technique.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

first draw and cut the butterfly of desired size in a thick paper or thick sheet to make a stencil.

step 2

paint the t-shirt with the stencil using soft acrylic colors of your choice,and paint strokes with contrast colors to define the silhouette of the stenciled butterfly. With the 3D glitter outliner give an effect to it.

step 3

draw the sunflower on the t-shirt and paint it with shades of yellow and orange, then with the 3D glitter outliner draw on the outline of the flower to give a 3D effect. Thats it you are done with the design.

step 4

Materials used

You Will Need

1) plain t-shirt, 2)paint brush, 3)soft acrylic colors, 4)stencil paper, 5)3D outliner, 6)embroidery frame (optional).


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