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save trees for cool summer

In 1730s the first people who saved and sacrified trees are bishnah people .Abai singh the king of Jodhpur ,to construct ,was in need to cut trees ,so the people hugged the trees when they where about to cut the trees and nearly 363 were killed along with

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Draw the picture in a paper to be drawn in the t-shirt

step 2

trace the picture on the t-shirt with yellow carbon paper.

step 3

now frame the picture with emb.frame to colour the picture.

step 4

colour the picture with soft acrylic colours, the lady hugging the tree with blue, pink, yellow colours are used, for skin peach colour is used for hair brown and black are used, the girl nearby yellow and orange for shade are used.

step 5

the girl near the yellow tops girl is colour is pink top and green with yellow putta and pink boarder is given for the bottom, for skin peach colour and hair brown with black are applied.

step 6

the man who is about to cut the tree is coloured with white and shaded with sky blue. for skin peach colour is given, for the shoes brown is given.

step 7

the turban and the slash is coloured with orange and for lighting effect yellow is given. The hammer is coloured with grey an shaded with black and the holder for wood effect brown is coloured.

step 8

The trunk of the tree is coloured with brown and strips are given with black.

step 9

The tree is filled with leaves and coloured with light green and dark green.The picture is finished with the shadows near the legs of the people in the picture and out line is given for the figures..

You Will Need

Flesh tint-230,prussian blue-219, cerulean blue-232, deep bril purple-264, dark green-206,golden yellow-209,vermilion-224,leaf green-262, lemon yellow-211,sky blue-263,black-202, white-227,sap green-221,vandyke brown-237.


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Posted 6 months ago

Very Nice Idea and Neat finishing... Great going!

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