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Peacock painting with fevicryl acrylic soft colours.

Peacocks painting on Orange cotton plain top for a summer makeover.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

I have taken orange cotton top washed and ironed for smooth finishing, traced the peacock design on the top.

step 2

Painted using fevicryl acrylic soft colours and soft pearl colours different combinations to get that real peacock colour.

step 3

Completed painting one by one and allowed to dry over night.

step 4

Started with boarders by using a fevicryl stencil and filled with fevicryl acrylic soft pearl colours and 3d outliners.

step 5

Finally my first self designed peacock painting cotton top for a summer makeover is ready.

You Will Need

Cotton top, fevicryl acrylic soft colours, fevicryl acrylic soft pearl colours, fevicryl stencil, fevicryl 3d outliners, fine brush, embroidery ring, plank, mirrors and a design template.


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