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Peacock design on saree

Peacock design on saree-please follow the described steps

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a raw silk saree(deep pink) & draw some peacock motifs on saree from anchal to end in flat to narrow shape by using glass marking pencil white

step 2

put the soft pearl mettalic bronze 555 on entire designs by using brush no 5

step 3

Rest part of anchal (blue portion). Apply soft sparking pearl dark blue 704, turquoise blue 705, emrald green 708, light green 709, golden green 711, deep rose 702, light pink 713, bronze 555 on the freathers motifs only.

step 4

do the lining bu using soft acrylic black 202 as shown picture

step 5

follow the picture as given

step 6

follow the picture as given

step 7

Anchal portion of saree

step 8

Waisr portion of aanchal

You Will Need

fevicryl colours, raw saree


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