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Musings of Art by Urvi Shah

A hand painted Dupatta which is a perfect Summer wear. The yellowish orange flowers which bring a smile on your face are painted using the One stroke Painting technique. The drab and dull Dupatta got a fab and pretty make over and now can be worn easily

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

1. Wash the fabric well so that it is soft and easy to paint on. Keep the Soft Acrylic colours and Liquid Embroidery pre fitted with cone line nozzle and caps. We shall be using Flat brushes for the first step. You need not draw anything in prior as the Dupatta shall be painted directly without any drawing using One Stroke Painting.

step 2

We have fixed a ring for painting. We are using the shades Yellow and Orange for painting the flowers using the One stroke Painting technique and leave it for drying.

step 3

Outline the Flowers using the Orange and Yellow Liquid embroidery cones and leave it for drying.

step 4

Highlight the centre of the flowers making dots using Black Liquid Embroidery cone and leave it to dry.

step 5

Make many of such flowers using the Soft Acrylic colours and Liquid Embroidery cones on one end of the Dupatta.

step 6

Now fill the gaps between the flowers and the area around it using the Soft Acrylic colours of shades Maroon and Ultramarine blue. After giving a wash of the paint on the fabric allow it to dry completely.

step 7

After the background colour has dried you will make the stems of the flowers using the Green Liquid Embroidery cone and make tendrils using Yellow Liquid Embroidery cone.

step 8

Give a cross hatching effect using Flat brush and Maroon Soft Acrylic Paint on the centre of the dupatta.

step 9

Allow the dupatta to dry well leaving it on the floor till it is completely dry.

You Will Need

Soft Acrylic Paints - Yellow, Orange, Maroon and Ultramarine blue and White for highlighting the stems Liquid Embroidery Cones- Yellow, Orange, Black, Green Flat brush and Round brush.


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