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Mural painting in Silk skirt

Kerala Mural design Skirt

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Trace the design with yellow carbon and outline the design with Fevicryl soft acrylic golden yellow(209) Next fill in the area with fevicryl soft golden yellow(209)Mix fevicryl soft orange(217) & soft sap green(216) and make a brick red colour Give outline for the yellow filled areas with this colour and shade it.Next again fill the areas with where green is seen first with soft golden yellow(209) and then repeat the third step with fevicryl soft sap green(216) Do the face part with soft cerulean blue(232) and soft white(227) Then finish the floral bottom part using soft deep brilliant purple(264) Finally outline the entire part with soft black(202)

You Will Need

Soft acrylic White,Black,Sap green,Orange,Cerulean blue & Deep brilliant purple and Plain white Silk Skirt.


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