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MODERN ART- The ocean and floral painting.

Summer makes us think about beaches, ocean & cool water.All of us likes to wear floral prints as they are very light to wear. So get a vibrant & peppy look on blacks. Especially made with fevycril colours and 3d embroidery tubes.

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

Draw an art with a chalk on a black top.

step 2

Fill the work with the required fevicryl soft acrylic colours.

step 3

Take a red scarf. Outline the floral art with a white chalk

step 4

Fill it with the required fevycril soft acrylic colours & outline its border with 3D embroidery tubes other specifications to show the work clearly.

step 5

Draw 2 circles intersecting each other on a black skirt with a chalk .

step 6

Fill it with required fevicryl soft acrylic colours.

step 7

Outline it with the required 3D embroidery tubes .

step 8

The black dress and a scarf is ready to wear.

You Will Need

1) 6 fevicryl soft acrylic colours. 2) A chalk 3) 3 3D Embroidery tubes 4) 1 red scarf 5) 1 black top 6) 1 black skirt


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