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This mother's day gift your mom a cool-perky t-shirt which would instantly bring a smile on her face since no money have been spent to convert mom's old t-shirt into a new one

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How To Do it Yourself

step 1

First, I took my mom's plain white old t-shirt( ya,adidas one.....as it was the only one without any designs on it!)

step 2

secondly, I drew some of my favorite hippie designs on it (sorry it may be little light to observe)

step 3

then initiated painting on it with Fevicryl soft acrylic colours and Fevicryl liquid tubes

step 4

outlining was lastly done using black colour and black fevicryl 3D outliner(non-sticky)

step 5

Finally the t-shirt is ready and it came out to be the best mother's day gift

You Will Need

1)white plain cotton t-shirt 2)Fevicryl soft acrylic colours 3) pencil 4)Fevicryl 3D cone non-sticky outliner


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